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There has been a steady stream of books about homosexuality published in the last few years, but two in particular from evangelical authors have received a lot of attention. The two books I am speaking of are IS GOD ANTI-GAY? by Sam Allberry and WASHED AND WAITING by Wesley Hill. And they should receive attention; they are great books.

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In a World of Sloppy Reading

We learn to read in kindergarten and improve that skill throughout the rest of our education. However, it seems to me that much of our adult life is aimed at un-learning this skill, not because we can’t still read words, but because we are drowning in content. And this influences our Bible reading. Here are a few thoughts on sloppy reading, good preaching, and growing fruit in your own backyard.

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MOM ENOUGH edited by Tony and Karalee Reinke (FAN AND FLAME Book Reviews)

Becoming a mother is to enlist in a war. And what makes this war so difficult, is that the enemies are not always obvious. MOM ENOUGH is written by women that know much about the difficulties of this war, but who also know about how to win.

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