Jason Abbott and I wrote a book called More People to LoveHow the Bible Starts in a Garden and Ends in a City and What That Means for You. Brant Hansen, a nationally syndicated Christian radio host, wrote the foreword.

More People to Love is about The Big Story of the Bible. It’s about God’s plan, as revealed from Genesis to Revelation, to “make [his] name great among the nations” (Malachi 1:11). At times, our lives can be very difficult. But seeing our lives in light of The Big Story—the beautiful story of God’s unfolding plan of redemption—gives us the perspective we need to carry on with purpose and joy.

Endorsements from Dan DeWitt, Bill Kynes, Gavin Ortlund, J.A. Medders, and Chris Bruno. Available at Amazon.

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God’s Joy Project: A Short Introduction to Reformed Theology & A Discussion Guide to Tony Reinke’s Book The Joy Project

This workbook includes a short introduction to Reformed theology as well as a 7-week discussion guide to Tony Reinke’s book The Joy Project: A True Story of Inescapable Happiness (Reinke’s book can be downloaded free of charge in three digital formats at desiringGod.org).

This companion guide is ideal for personal study and small group discussion. It provides questions for each chapter of Reinke’s book and discussion questions related to Christian songs that share the themes of each chapter.

We are all looking for joy. The Joy Project, however, is the story of how joy finds us. It’s the story of how God has worked, and is working, to save his people and love them forever.

You can download electronic versions of the workbook free of charge here (PDF, Kindle, iBook), or you can buy paperback copies at Amazon for $4.99.

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