“Don’t Just Send a Resume” is on Amazon Pre-Order

We can speak of relationships and job changes as being “Facebook official.” Well, after four years of working on a book to help pastor’s in the job-search process, my book Don’t Just Send a Resume is now “Amazon official.” It’s also “Barns & Noble official,” which is fun to see.

I’d love for you to check it out. Right now the hardback edition is for sale. The ebook pre-order will arrive in mid-October, and the paperback edition will show up right before the book’s launch on January 15, 2019.

Below is some more information about the book and the contributors. Thanks for all the support along the way!

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When God says, “Follow me,” do you know how?

If you work in Christian ministry, it’s likely that at some point in your career God will call you from one church to another. Do you know how to make this transition effectively? Moving can be scary and full of questions: Where do I start the job search process? Which people do I talk with, and what do I send to them? How do I know if my family and I will fit in at a new church? And how do I tell people I’m leaving?

This book is intended to help you answer those questions so that the hiring process goes well. And when the hiring process does go well, a lot of pain can be avoided—for the pastor and the church.

What we pastors need is solid coaching that is theologically informed and practically oriented. We need to know how the gospel empowers us to interview with both humility and confidence. We need anecdotes from real hiring processes, and we need detailed strategies for every step of the way, so we can transition with excellence, protect our families, respect the church, and honor God.

Don’t Just Send a Resume also features short contributions from 10 published authors and ministry leaders, including:

David Mathis | executive editor for desiringGod.org, pastor at Cities Church, and author.

Sam Rainer | lead pastor of West Bradenton Baptist Church, president of Rainer Research, the co-founder/co-owner of Rainer Publishing, and author of several books.

Chris Brauns | senior pastor at the Red Brick and author of several books, including When the Word Leads Your Pastoral Search.

Jared C. Wilson | director of content strategy for Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and author of several books, including The Imperfect Disciple, The Prodigal Church, and Gospel Wakefulness.

Cara Croft | director of Women’s Ministry for Practical Shepherding, co-author of the book The Pastor’s Family, and wife to pastor and author Brian Croft.

J.A. Medders | lead pastor of Redeemer, author of several books, and host of the Home Row podcast for writers.

William Vanderbloemen | CEO and Founder of Vanderbloemen Search Group and author of Next, Search, and Culture Wins.

Jeremy Writebol | pastor at Woodside Bible Church and the Executive Director of Gospel-Centered Discipleship.

Dave Harvey | Executive Director of Sojourn Network, the teaching pastor at Summit Church, author of several books, and founder of AmICalled.com.

Kristen Wetherell | coauthor of Hope When It Hurts, a Bible teacher, content manager at Unlocking the Bible, and wife of pastor Brad Wetherell.