Dont Just Send a Resume: How to Find the Right Job in a Local Church

I spent four years working on a book to help pastors in the job-search process. The typical pastor, while fully equipped to do his job, is not equipped to transition effectively when God calls him to move to another church. The book also features short contributions by 12 published authors and ministry leaders.

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Enduring Grace: 21 Days with the Apostle Peter

When tomorrow is harder than today, how will you endure? Peter preached boldly in one moment and cursed cowardly in another. His faith and obedience went up and down, down and up. But through it all, the grace of Jesus toward Peter endured. This is also how we will endure—through the amazing, enduring grace of God. Peter’s story gives us hope that Jesus really is a friend of sinners and mighty to save.

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Struggle Against Porn: 29 Diagnostic Tests for Your Head and Heart

Many Christian men struggle with pornography. And that's the problem. I wrote this book to help men struggle against (not with) sexual sin. There's a huge difference.

Endorsements from Tim Challies, Drew Dyck, Tim Chester, and others.

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More People to Love: How the Bible Starts in a Garden and Ends in a City and What That Means for You

Jason Abbott and I wrote a book called More People to Love. It's about The Big Story of the Bible. Brant Hansen wrote the foreword. He’s a nationally syndicated Christian radio host and author of Unoffendable and Blessed are the Misfits. 

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Each Part Working Properly

I wrote this short book for our church membership class. It answers questions such as, "What is the Gospel?" and "Is church membership even biblical"? Also, it teaches Christians how to tell the story of what God has done in their life. Important stuff. The book is tailored to our church, but I think others will find it helpful, too. 

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Lost in December

This is a short story about returning to life after a miscarriage. Over the years, it has surprised me to learn how many couples have had one, or even several, miscarriages. For Brooke and I, it's been five years. And it's still hard. In the story, a husband and wife (Joshua and Allison), as well as their other young children, learn what it means to move on after losing a child.

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