Once there was a young Christian. This young Christian had a gift. He might not have even fully realized it, but he did. Let’s call him Tim. Tim had a mentor who was a seasoned missionary. Let’s call him Paul. Often, Paul would remind the young Christian that he had this gift and that Tim must cultivate it. “Fan into flame the gift of God,” the missionary would tell him (2 Timothy 1:6).

I take this advice to mean that the young Christian was to do whatever he had to do to keep the fire burning. If there are only embers left, well then, you get on your hands and knees, put your nose in the kindling, and blow. Never mind the smoke searing your eyes, you keep the fire alive; you don’t let it be extinguished; in fact, you toil to make it grow.

By itself, the Bible can seem pretty confusing. All of us—myself included—need others to guide the way and spur us on.

You’re not Timothy; I know that. And I’m not the Apostle Paul. But I do know this is what this blog is about—fanning the flame. I’m writing to fan into flame your joy and passion and hope. I’m writing to give you clarity on the Bible and the good-news story of Jesus. And my desire is to infuse the writing with accessible, riveting scholarship.

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Benjamin and his wife Brooke have six children. Benjamin enjoys reading, wrestling with his children, dating his wife, eating at Chipotle, and riding his bicycle in the early hours of the morning. He earned a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Missouri and a masters in divinity from Covenant Theological Seminary. He is a teaching pastor at Community Evangelical Free Church in Harrisburg, PA. He has written for Desiring God, The Gospel Coalition, and For The Church.




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