Burning Hearts: Preaching to the Affections by Moody and Weekes - A Review

Josh Moody and Robin Weekes. Burning Hearts: Preaching to the Affections. Christian Focus, 2014. 144 pp. $11.99.

[Note, this book review was published on The Gospel Coalition's website.] 

Do you remember those arcade games with a mechanical bar that slides back and forth, continually nudging a huge stack of coins that rest on a shelf? You “play” the game by dropping in coins and hoping the mechanical bar will nudge the stack in such a way that some fall off the ledge. Most of the time, though, little or nothing happens. 

These tiny nudges always remind me of preaching, whether the granular nudge of individual words or the aggregate nudge of the completed sermon. The more I preach, the more I long to make each nudge count and move people toward conformity to Christ. In Burning Hearts: Preaching to the Affections, Josh Moody and Robin Weekes argue that we make our sermons and our nudges count by preaching to the affections... [Continue Reading]