Day 2: Hopes & Disclaimers


Hey, I’m Benjamin. I’m a teaching pastor in a local church. And I’ve put these videos together to help you struggle against pornography.

As we get into this, it seems like it would be helpful to begin with a disclaimer, a disclaimer that leads into my hope and prayer for these videos, which then leads into a statement about how these videos are set up.

Here’s the disclaimer: If you have been into pornography every day for the last year, or you’ve been into pornography on and off for the last decade, then let’s not pretend that a little video series is going to change everything about everything. It won’t. That’s the disclaimer.

But here’s my hope: if there were to be a change, if the Christian message of hope called the gospel would become in your life something weighty and glorious, and that happened to such an extent that there were a decisive shift toward purity and wholeness, then that change would have to begin somewhere.

Look at it like this. In stories, whether in literature or film, they call it the “inciting incident.” It’s the thing that happens that puts a new story, a whole new plot in motion. So if change were to begin for you, that change would have a beginning; the change would begin with a spark. This is one reason I’ve called this video series “jumpstart.” I’m hoping and praying that these videos jumpstart your struggle against pornography.

Here’s the other reason I’ve called it “jumpstart.” I want you to think about these videos like taking your car into a mechanic for a checkup. When you bring your car to a mechanic, unless you’ve been in an accident, the problem and the solution might not be obvious. Maybe you’ve noticed a funny sound from the steering column, or perhaps the check engine light just came on, and you’re not sure why. You know there is a problem, but you’re not even sure what that problem is. These days the mechanic will connect your car to a computer to run a diagnostic checkup.

This is how I view the rest of the videos. They are not lengthy videos that say everything about everything. Instead, they’re quick diagnostic checkups for your head and your heart, all with the view to helping you kill lust and cultivate love—love for God and love for people.

Toward this goal, each video ends with two diagnostic questions. These questions are designed to get you thinking about the issues raised in each video. So, let me share the first two questions with you.

Diagnostic Questions:

  1. If you were to move from a passive struggle with pornography to a proactive struggle against it, how would your life need to change?

  2. If these videos do spark a change in your life, a year from now what are 3 ways your life would be better?

Take 5 minutes to think and pray about these questions. I’ll see you tomorrow when I’ll talk about where the power to jumpstart your story comes from.

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Thank you for watching these videos. If you’ve found them helpful, be sure to share them with your friends and church leadership. To go deeper on each of these strategies (and a dozen other strategies), check out my book Struggle Against Porn: 29 Diagnostics for Your Head and Heart.

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