Two Books from Two Friends


Over the last four years, I’ve reviewed over 50 books on my website and for other organizations. Today, I’m not necessarily writing “reviews” because I’m too close to the authors. But I am excited to tell you about these new releases.

Fierce Grace: 30 Days with King David
by Stephen Morefield

Stephen M, author pic.jpg

Stephen is a local church pastor in Kansas and a friend of mine. He recently published a 30-day devotional on the life of King David based on 1 & 2 Samuel.

I had the privilege of reading the book before it was released, as well as helping with the layout and design of the book’s interior. Here’s the endorsement I wrote for his book Fierce Grace:

“For two consecutive summers our church lived in the books of 1 and 2 Samuel as we preached through them each Sunday. They were rich sermons, but in many ways they were also jarring sermons, for both the one in the pulpit and those in the pews. We saw heroes with warts as big as their noses and a king whose relationship with God was a rollercoaster—faithful now unfaithful, rejoicing now crushed, wise now foolish. Yet behind these ups and downs, we also saw what God wants us to see: the constancy of his grace. I wish Stephen’s book—with his relentless focus on the true Hero—were published sooner so I could have shared it with our congregation.”

*     *     *

The Solace of Water: A Novel
by Elizabeth Byler Younts

elizabeth byler younts.jpg

Last year, Elizabeth and her family began attending our church. After they had been here a few months, a friend of mine in the church came up to me and said, “Have you talked much with Elizabeth? She’s like . . . a real author . . . with a bunch of books!”

As it turns out, Elizabeth is indeed a real author with a bunch of published books—and published with real publishers.

The Solace of Water, her latest book, is about two women from very different backgrounds: an Amish woman from central Pennsylvania and an African-American woman from the south. But for all their differences—and the differences of their families—they each have hidden struggles with grief. As the novel progresses, their stories collide and brokenness comes to light. The book is written in short chapters from the perspective of each woman, as well as one of the daughters.

Elizabeth was kind enough to give me an advanced copy, which releases today from Thomas Nelson. I’d love for you to check it out. I thought it was great.