We Made the Kickstarter Goal, Thank You!

I’ve been on vacation in Iowa with my family for the last few days seeing extended family. We’ve been playing in creeks and ponds and the woods and catching frogs. And I’ve had my phone off nearly 23 hours a day. That’s a vacation in and of itself.

But it was fun to turn on my phone two days ago and see that all of you helped me reach my Kickstarter goal for my book Don’t Just Send a Resume! I’m profoundly thankful for that. I’m almost done posting about it. Seriously. I’m getting tired too. Hang in for there for just one or two more posts.

I mentioned in the last post that every dollar I raise above the goal will go to hiring a professional cover designer. I’ve been winging it as I’ve made covers for the books, and I’m hoping to get out of the way and let a pro finish this book right.

I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the previous covers I’ve made for the book over the last two years. You can see the title even changed twice. Each cover has gotten a little better, but I’d love to see what someone who does this for a living could do.

No matter where the final Kickstarter number reaches, please know that I greatly appreciate all the help with this project!

Thank you,

Click the picture to watch the video.

Click the picture to watch the video.