You Might Expect Things Like This or Maybe This


I’m into a few months now, and it’s probably time to surface something I have had under the surface, namely, the types of posts you might hope to expect on this blog. The list will evolve, but for now…

Fan and Flame, logo

Reflections on the Bible, culture, and pastoral ministry. This is my expressed trifold theme. It will bleed into all the other categories.

Book reviews. Lately, I’ve been reading a bunch of books. And for a few of them, I’ll give short reviews—reviews in fewer words than the book has pages.

Writing. Look for musings on the process and joy of writing, and for insights and reflections about the craft. Words are gifts; let’s use them well.

Sermon snippets. Frequently, the best sermon thoughts come on Sunday afternoon—the afternoon AFTER the sermon! Bummer. Occasionally, I’ll post one of the main points or an interesting paragraph, re-purposed with face lift.

Ooohhh, I like this quote. Here’s a quote I stumbled upon, and why I like it. Perhaps now we can appreciate it together. Put it on your fridge or bathroom mirror; memorize it or tattoo it on your shoulder. You’re welcome.

The re-post. Yes, it is someone else’s thoughts (excerpted only; with links for the full article), but if I do this, it’s because I found the post helpful and think you might too. Also, I’ll try to add a few comments of my own to move the ball down the field.

And finally…

Poetry. I don’t think Shakespeare is worried that I’m coming for his title, but I will do my best.

Did I miss anything? Are there other posts you want to see?