Website Botox


I’ve been blogging regularly for four years. Early on, I updated the website layout several times, but for the last three years FAN AND FLAME has basically looked the same. The website was starting to show signs of aging. It needed a facelift.

Let me back up. I can’t imagine this is a riveting update to receive. I assume, actually, you’re not hanging on every word or eager to click through every link just to see all the changes. In fact, some of you are perhaps insulted at my vanity by evening mentioning the update, like I’m posting a humble-brag “before and after” pic to social media. If that’s how you read this, please know that’s not how I intend it to come across.

Perhaps, though, there are a few of you who do have experience with marketing and building websites. If so, I welcome your feedback. I’m a complete amateur. When it comes to web design, I feel like a kid playing with a Lego set that’s too advanced for his age.

There is a part of me that does enjoy the process of (attempting to) artfully design the website because I believe well-written words are best paired with a well-designed container; form and function are in a symbiotic relationship. But what I enjoy most, however, is the writing. Web design, search engine optimization, lead magnets, calls-to-action, and attending to the other accouterments of blogging, such as using social media and email services, are neither my passion nor expertise, which is why it took me three years to update the layout and I feel self-conscious letting you know the site was even updated.

Again, if you’d like to click around the site and offer feedback, just know I would consider your feedback precious. And if you wish to click away from this post as quickly as you first clicked it, you have my permission!

* Photo by helloimnik on Unsplash