Riddle My Fiddle – My First Book

On December 6, the book I co-authored, More People to Love, is being released. Can’t wait to share it with you. The popular Christian radio host, Brant Hansen, wrote the foreword. The book will be for sale at Amazon.com for $7.99.

Last week, I received this recommendation from my former boss and pastor, Greg Lavine:

More People to Love paints a vision – to move us from where we are to a place more situated to live out the gospel. It compels us to leave behind comfort and convenience to love people, all kinds of people, specifically people who look different from us.

– Greg Lavine
Senior Pastor, New Life Bible Fellowship, Tucson, Arizona

This is all pretty exciting to me.

My First book. Click to Enlarge.

My mother, however, informed me More People to Love won’t be my first book. Then, she texted me a picture of a book I wrote when I was eight years old! You can see the picture below.

The whole book is hilarious. At one point, I wrote that I wanted to be an engineer when I grow up, or maybe an astronomer. One of those turned out to be true, at least for six years.

But my favorite entry in the book is a poem I wrote. It makes (almost) no sense. If you care to, you can read it below.

I do, however, love the phrase “riddle my fiddle” that I used near the end of the poem. In fact, I’ve now been saying “riddle my fiddle” around the house for the last two weeks. By the way, it’s more fun to say it if you slap your knee at the same time. You’re welcome to use this phrase, too. Seriously, no copyright infringement. You have my permission.

When you go down to the wood, you’re sure to find a big surprise,
For Grammy Nelly has forgot her tell, and Nelly the Elephant quit the Circus too.
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall watching Leads United [a British soccer team] score a goal, and Humpty was delighted. Riddle my fiddle!
The cat jumped over the moon. And the Cow watched me riddle my fiddle.

I know what you’re thinking. I was a child prodigy. Thanks.


[Picture by Jared Erondu / Unsplash]